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Actor Mohsen Abbas Haider has issued a statement, accusing the wife of the worst, to take the case of Halia Fatima Sohail, everyone is shocked

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan Online) Fatima Sohail, wife of singer and actor Mohsen Abbas Haider, has approached the court to take a husband from her, on which now Mohsin Abbas has also arrived in the field and has issued a message to his wife. Serious accusations have been made.

اہلیہ فاطمہ سہیل کا خلع لینے کا فیصلہ، اداکار محسن عباس حیدر نے بیان جاری کر تے ہوئے بیوی پر سنگین ترین الزام لگا دیا ، ہر کوئی حیران

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Mohsin Abbas Haider wrote on Instagram, “Thank God that he finally got the good news of Khilafah when he got to sleep. The torture he was going through for four years has come to an end. Now I am a liar. And she will not have to live with a woman who has an illicit relationship, if the evidence is sought, she will be presented in court. ”Abbas Haider said that he liked to go to parties and tell the children of my family how.

Uses drugs, a woman came into my life and she scattered it, i can write a book on the four years that I lived with such a lady and her weird family, it was the worst decision of my life, I never said it because she was in my marriage but she was constantly on different forums for me and my family. And I have decided to speak now, something in Allah’s work is hidden.

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