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Eco-friendly building with twice the electricity you need

Oslo (INP) has built a state-of-the-art eco-friendly building that produces twice as much electricity as it uses, specially designed to efficiently collect sunlight. This unique building The roof of the Pentagon (five sides) is three thousand square meters wide with solar panels. These panels make 5 million kWh of electricity annually, which is twice the daily requirement of the building. The building was designed by the Sunita Company and the building is named Braturkaya.

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 The building was built in Trondheim, Norway, and is built on the basis of a power plant that collects solar energy and the entire building Designed for businesses and offices. It has been termed Europe’s most energy-positive building. This environmentally friendly and durable building has excellent insulation system on one hand and ventilation on the other hand has a great heat reuse system and building. A pump has been installed to keep cool and draw water from the nearby sea and keep the building cool. The rainwater collected on the roof is used in the toilet. The bulbs in it only burn when one is in the room and an advanced system controls the use of electricity.

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