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Hong Kong rejects US congressional report

HONG KONG (INP / Xinhua) The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has rejected the so-called human rights report of US lawmakers about Hong Kong, and a spokeswoman for the HSA’s Government He reiterated that foreign lawmakers should not interfere in Hong Kong’s internal affairs. He said that since Hong Kong returned to mainland China, Hong Kong people have access to all basic facilities in accordance with the law.

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And its people fully believe in the principle of “one country two system” and they have made it a great success. AH is implemented in the country. Truman added that in Hong Kong, human rights and liberty are fully protected under the Basic Law. In this regard, the Hong Kong Human Rights Ordinance and other laws under which the people have all rights. The Hong Kong government attaches great importance to these laws and is committed to protecting human rights and liberty. Therefore, foreign elements refrain from interfering in Hong Kong’s internal affairs.

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