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Peshawar, the ban on entry of Afghan refugees into the city, on the eve of Ashur

Peshawar: Crime reporter (9th and 10th Muharram al-Haram series) Peshawar city has been completely sealed while mobile phone service including suspension of entry and entry of motorcycle on Afghan refugees has been banned. , Kohatigate, Jahangirpura, Chowk Nasir Khan, Chowk Memorial, Manabazar, Mandabari, Tehsil Gorakhtari, Gulbahar, Hashtangri, Ashraf Road, Sikandpura, Nishtabad, Peshawar, Salad, Kalabadi, Fawar Chowk and Jhalaghar Khatar, Kohli and Kohliar Khatar No person is allowed to enter these areas except the pedestrians, while checkpoints have been set up for pedestrians as well as security personnel have been deployed at all processions, adjacent buildings and mosques.

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Residents and hotels coming from the area have been banned from staying in hotels and in addition to restricting Afghan refugees to camps, ID cards have also been made mandatory for locals. Issue of entry pass to journalists and Shiite volunteers Along with the police, paramilitary and military forces will also be deployed for patrol in the city, which will remain attached to the Supreme Command Post at Kiswani. The administration of the Imam Bargains has also installed CCTV cameras. While helicopters and drone cameras will be used for aerial surveillance of the processions, bazaars and shops have been announced in the sensitive areas till 9th ​​Muharram and 10am Muharram while offices and schools have also been announced.

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