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Rashid Khan, the young Afghan sniper, won the honor

KABUL (Daily Pakistan Online) Rashid Khan, the young Afghan sniper who made a splash in world cricket due to his magic bowling, has won the honor of being the youngest Test captain in the world.

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According to details, Rashid Khan tossed for the only Test match being played against Bangladesh, then his age was 20 years 350 days, which is the youngest of any captain in the history of Test cricket. Former Zimbabwean captain Tatinda Taibu broke the record of the eight-day gap he set in the Harare Test against Sri Lanka in May 2004.

It should be noted that Afghanistan has their third Test match against Bangladesh after receiving test status. In the first test, Afghanistan suffered a defeat at the hands of India, while in the second test, Afghanistan was defeated by Ireland. ۔

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