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Subhan Allah!a horrible loss for men that no one has ever thought about, knowing that your faith in Islamic teachings will grow stronger.

Sydney (News Desk) Religion Islam, where it takes care of a human’s natural needs, also sets some boundaries for their fulfillment, but the West has set those limits aside as a human rights issue. Mother-in-law Pedro Azkhar is today in the limelight and has been hailed as a proud accomplice to a large number of sexual partners, but Australian scientists have warned men suffering from this fond passion to see the result of prostate cancer. Maybe

سبحان اللہ! جنسی بے راہ روی کا مَردوں کیلئے ایسا خوفناک نقصان تحقیق میں سامنے آگیا جس کے بارے میں آج تک کسی نے نہ سوچا تھا، جان کر اسلامی تعلیمات پر آپ کا ایمان مزید پختہ ہوجائے گا

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According to a report by the Times of India, the latest research by Cancer Council New Southwale researcher Vasalani Nair Shalikar has revealed that men who have a high number of sexual partners also have an increased risk of prostate cancer. Is. According to this research, prostate cancer is twice as high in seven or more cohorts as compared to three or fewer cohorts. Scientists say it could have different and complicated reasons. All factors such as early onset of sex, high sex and high number of sexual partners have been found to be associated with higher rates of prostate cancer.

A number of other factors have also been found in relation to this cancer, such as the rate at which men have a father who is suffering from the disease. Prostate cancer rates are also slightly higher in obese men. Experts say that if the number of sexual partners is higher, the rate of sexual function is also higher, resulting in higher levels of the male hormone antigen. There is also a case of quantification, which is considered a factor in the onset of prostate cancer. In a study published in the International Journal of Cancer Sciences, experts also say that the results should not be considered as advice for a normal marital relationship.

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