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Subhanullah, scientists have a beautiful benefit of keeping the body hidden from the hair, knowing that you too will enjoy it.

SYDNEY (Monitoring Desk) Islam is called a complete system of life, and if we look at it, we know that it is not just a matter of saying, but a very big fact. It also trains the daily activities of life, where nature enlightens us with ideas and ideas. Cleansing has been termed half faith, and for Muslims, other than cleansing of the body, hair loss has also been made compulsory. Neglecting these hair cleansers is so common in Western society that it is seen as There is no concept of A research done in Australia has now revealed that the West has also come to understand religious orders in the prevention of hair loss.

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According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, University of Sydney scientist Dr Cameron Webb says that a recent investigation found that there are numerous people in Western countries who suffer from lice and flea disease. According to a survey on the social media website Tinder, one and a half million users of this website suffer from the disease. Dr Cameron says that lice and fleas are much smaller than normal lice, and usually a person with the disease is never fully aware of their presence.

In the case of an illness, the affected area may feel itchy, whereas if seen on the skin, blue spots are visible. If the underwear is seen closely it may show small marks of blood, while the underwear may also have something like black powder. Dr. Cameron also added that those found in pubic hair are only a half millimeter in size, and one that lays about 30 eggs a month. Because the temperature of the affected parts is slightly higher and a moist environment is also available, they are best spread. Dr. Cameron said that the solution to this problem is simple, and that regular hair cleansing. Be done He warns that people who have these lice in their pubic hair are not protected from their armpits, their chest, and even facial hair.

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