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The dangerous disadvantages of eating a headache pill have been revealed in recent research

New York (Monitoring Desk) Headache tablet ‘Aspirin’ is present in every home, which people use in addition to headache as a precautionary measure to prevent heart attacks and heart diseases as it dilutes the blood. However, now scientists have uncovered the horrific harm of reckless use of this tablet. According to Mail Online, those taking aspirin pills daily do more harm than good because it increases the risk of internal bleeding within their body, which is several times higher. Attack proves to be even more deadly.

سردرد کی گولی کھانے کا خطرناک نقصان تازہ تحقیق میں سامنے آگیا

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Scientists at King’s College London obtained medical data for 100,000 people and analyzed their aspirin diet routinely, and found that middle-aged people are more likely to avoid heart disease. As a precondition for aspirin, the overwhelming majority of them were at risk of internal bleeding. People with aspirin were 11% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, but on the other hand, the risk of bleeding within their body increased by 43%. The head of the investigative team said, “We Internal bleeding had begun for every one of the 210 people who consumed a pill daily, according to the data they analyzed. For healthy people, the harm of this pill is far more beneficial, so it is better not to use it without cause. ”

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