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Well-known actor Abid Ali passed away

KARACHI (Reuters) – Pakistan’s leading actor Abid Ali died at a private hospital in Karachi after a brief illness. Abid Ali’s wife Rabia Nurin and his daughter Rahma Ali have confirmed Abid Ali’s death.

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According to private TV, renowned actor Abid Ali, who inherited fame as a warrior in Pakistan’s classic era, died at the age of 67 after severe illness, Abid Ali had been suffering from liver disease for the past few years.

 He was undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Karachi for days, but news of his death was surfaced on social media a few days ago, but his daughters Eman Ali and Rahma Ali had declared him a false rumor, but now Rahma Ali confirmed his father’s death and said that my father took his last breath in my hands, I apologize. Yes, there is no call in it, we cannot do it right now, but since I promised to give a statement to the media then they have gone. Yes, Abid Ali was born in Quetta on 17th March 1952, who acted with it.

 He also celebrated his abilities as a director, but he was basically called a prince in the field of acting. During his college education in Quetta, he became a part of Radio Pakistan and then moved to Lahore in 1973 and made a fortune on PTV. Decided to try it and stepped into the field through ‘Zook Fluid’, but inherited the original fame 80 – 1979 serial ‘Heir’. ‘, After which they attained the height that people long for. He worked alongside the Sun, Ghulam Rotation, Mehndi, Sea, Second Sky, Dasht, Thirst, Darius, Diyar Dil, A True Hundred Fiction and other superhit dramas. He married while working in several films. Recently he was also celebrated in the release of Eid ul Adha’s film ‘Beyond Hut’. He was also honored by the Government of Pakistan in 1985.

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