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Extensive support for Minto doctors

Private hospitals across the country were called to OPD Bund on Friday following a call from the Indian Medical Association on charges of assaulting doctors on duty at Minto Hospital in Bangalore.

Vijayapur district has received a good response. The affected district was the OPD bund of over 130 private hospitals in the district. Patients were aghast at the lack of treatment at a private hospital.

Private hospitals were locked, panels of outpatient service hung in front of almost all private hospitals. This has led to thousands of patients arriving from the villages in the district without proper information about the shutdown of outpatient services in private hospitals.
Due to the discontinuation of private hospitals, the number of patients in government hospitals and taluk hospitals in the district has increased drastically. Thus the doctors and nurses of the Government Hospital were busy providing essential medical services.

At least one hundred patients have been treated in government hospitals, with 1200 in normal days following the discontinuation of private hospitals. In the last four days, the number of patients in the government hospitals has increased from the number of patients in the private hospitals to hundreds of patients.

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