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OPD bundle-doctor protest

On Friday, a private hospital doctor, led by the JJM junior doctors’ union, staged an outpatient protest, condemning the attack on doctors at Minto Eye Hospital in Bengaluru.

Doctors who had protested for some time in front of the JJM Hospital Outpatient Division then went to the sheriff’s office and petitioned.

The attack on the doctors of the Minto Eye Hospital in Bangalore is very reprehensible. The on-going violence of doctors has to work amidst the ever unsafe environment of violence.

Minto urged the hospital to take appropriate action against the culprits for the attack on the doctors.
Assaults and atrocities are ongoing against medical and non-medical personnel serving 24 hours a day to protect their health. It is an environment of fear that can never be freely worked out. Therefore, concerned people should promptly create a safe environment. He demanded that the security system be provided on all sides.

Enforcement of the law in effect to enhance security in private hospitals. Parents who come with inpatients and outpatients should take action to restrict the number of others. Only two should be allowed. He demanded that legal action be taken against doctors and medical personnel against atrocities and assaults.

Unless the doctor treats the patient well and heals the patients. There is no intention of disturbing anyone. Yet, it is not right to attack the doctors, the staff, the brutal assault. He said that if this situation persists, the emergency department should be stopped and that there is a serious struggle.

President of Indian Doctors Association Ganesh Idugunji, Dr. | B.S. Dr. Nagprakash, Dr. | R. Ravi, Dr. | Madhu S. Poojaar, Dr. | The US. Ashwini, Dr. | Dr. Manjunath, Dr. | Pratiksha Vaishnav, Dr. | Life, Dr. | D.M. Others were Naresh.

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