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Kishan kisses back in Bigg Boss house! Deepika Das Cheeks Red!

Bigg Boss house contestant Kishan is back in the news for kissing female contestants. This time Deepika Das is the sweet kisser from Kishan.

The Lakshuri Budget Task Force is headed by Deepika Das and Bhoomi Shetty. Kishan said he would like to join the Bhoomi team. However, Kishan was forced to join Deepika’s team on Bigg Boss’ instructions as one of the Deepika’s was missing.

Kishan hugged her and kissed her cheek as she approached Deepika. Deepika laughed and protested that it was a bit over. Kishan’s kiss to Deepavathi Deepika has gone viral on the social networking site. Get Kishan out of the house first. Some have objected to the girls kissing like this. Again some people are commenting that there is no problem with girls Andrei Namagake.

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