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Anjeer’s 7 Health Benefits (Graph): From Weight Loss to Improved Heart Health

When it comes to daily snacks, dry fruits are a common option in India. The chewy flesh with natural sweet flavour is not only delicious to bite into, but it also offers calories. There are plenty of choices to pick from, such as raisins, dates, dehydrated mangoes, and bananas, and mix and match with other health boosters such as nuts and seeds for a guilt-free treat. The one dry fruit that sprung to mind was

health-promoting properties is anjeer or fig, a mulberry family member. The small bell or pear-shaped fruit is widely available in dried form during the year, but as the saying goes, nothing beats raw. The soft, juicy flesh with crunchy seeds is a delight, particularly when poached or grilled in wine and drizzled with honey on top.

Though fresh fruit has a stronger natural flavour, dried anjeer matches us for a simple anytime nutritious snack. It contains more vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, is widely available, and can be used to produce mithais, halwas, jams, and other preserves. Aside from the various forms it can be used to enliven your palate;

Here are some of the health benefits of ajneer

1 Weight control

Since figs are high in fibre, research suggests that they can help in weight loss, as high-fiber foods have a positive effect. Fiber is an important component of our normal diet. Fiber is not only healthy for our digestive system; it has also been attributed to a lower risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes. Experts on health

That’s why they’re so easy to incorporate into your weight-loss plans. A fiber-rich diet, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, can aid in weight loss. However, since dried figs are high in calories, limit your consumption to small amounts on a daily basis. Dried figs are often regarded as a strong source of weight gain in a balanced way by ancient practises.

2 Reduces Blood Pressure

Mineral that is needed by the body and whose daily use is said to assist in blood pressure maintenance because it helps to counteract the negative effects of sodium. Since we live in a world where we are continually relying on unhealthy foods with high sodium content, a potassium-rich diet is important. This could also help with blood supply and stomach issues. According to one report,

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